Board Handling Conveyors

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ANDA Board Handling Conveyors are ideal for a wide range of PCB handling applications and can optimize Work-In-Progress (WIP) material flow during Assembly, Coating, Dispensing and other processes. Automate and/or Customize your PCB assembly line with board conveyors, PCB loaders and unloaders, inspection conveyors, turn conveyors, flippers, inverters and more. We manufacture standard and custom board handling conveyors to improve and automate PCB assembly processes.

Magazine PCB Automatic Loader

PCB Magazine Automatic Loader

Models: LD-330W & LD-460W
ANDA SMEMA compatible loader feeds PCBs into the Process Line from Stacks or Magazines. 460 x 535mm maximum PCB or pallet dimensions. Touchscreen control. Two models to choose from.

PCB Magazine Loader SpecificationsPCB Magazine Loader Specs

UV Inspection Conveyor

PCB UV Inspection Station & Buffer Conveyor

Model: ADJ-450UV
UV Inspection Station allows manual/visual inspection of conformally coating circuit assemblies. Pass-Thru and Inspect modes. Also serves as a linking/buffering conveyor. 450mm maximum conveyor width, 5 meter per minute maximum conveyor speed.

Conformal Coating UV Inspection ConveyorUV Inspection Station Specs

PCB Automatic Inverter Flipper Conveyor

PCB Automatic Inverter Flipper

Models: UL-350W & UL-460W
Inverts (flips) Printed Circuit Assemblies upside down for bottom side processing. SMEMA Compatible, touchscreen control, 450mm maximum conveyor width. Two models to choose from.

PCB Flipper Inverter SpecificationsPCB Inverter Flipper Specs

PCB Linking & Buffering Conveyor

PCB Linking Buffer Conveyor

Model: ADJ-450
NDA SMEMA-compatible transfer conveyors can be used for a wide range of equipment linking, visual inspection, manual assembly, and PCB buffering functions throughout the production line. 450mm conveyor maximum width, 5 meter per minute maximum conveyor speed.

PCB Inverter SpecificationsLinking Conveyor Specs

PCB 90 Degree Turn Conveyor

PCB 90 Degree Turn Conveyor

Model: ABR-450
Rotates the Circuit Assemblies 90 Degrees to meet process or floorplan requirements. Maximum circuit or pallet size, 460 x 535mm. SMEMA compatible, touchscreen control.

PCB Inverter Specifications90º Turn Conveyor Specs

Magazine PCB Automatic Unloader

PCB Magazine Automatic Unloader

Models: ULD-330W & ULD-460W
Accepts PCB at the end of the Process Line and loads them into a stack or magazine. SMEMA compatible, maximum PCB size 460 x 535mm. Touchscreen control. Two models to choose from.

PCB Magazine Unloader SpecificationsMagazine Unloader Specs

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