Anda Curing Ovens

Precision High Performance IR Curing Ovens for Curing Conformal Coatings

ANDA inline curing ovens are ideal for medium to high-volume curing, baking or drying of conductive inks, conformal coatings, adhesives, encapsulants and potting compounds. They are SMEMA compliant and easy to integrate with automated spray and dispense systems.


ANDA iCure-2UV Ultraviolet (UV) Curing Oven

Ultraviolet (UV) Curing Oven
iCure-2UV is a compact, inline UV curing system. The UV curing oven is suitable for high intensity, rapid curing of UV curable coatings, adhesives, and inks.

iCure-2UV Ultraviolet (UV) Curing Oven SpecificationsDownload Specifications

iCure IR Curing Ovens

iCure - Curing Oven Series Infrared (IR) Curing Ovens

Infrared (IR) Curing Ovens

Anda iCure series of curing ovens are compact, inline Infrared (IR) curing systems. These IR curing ovens are suitable for high volume, rapid curing of heat curable coatings, adhesives, and inks., etc.

iCure - Curing Oven Series SpecificationsDownload Specifications

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