iCoat 2 Selective Conformal Coating Machine

Highly accurate and repeatable alternative to traditional manual applications

The iCoat-2 automated conformal coating machine combines affordability and extreme precision in the same package. This conformal coater will help bring your factory solutions up to speed. It delivers reliable automated conformal coating of printed circuit assemblies increasing product production and decreasing labor costs. If thinking of automating your conformal coating process, the iCoat 2 selective conformal coating machine is a dependable conformal coating system solution that will grow your business. For integration of iCoat 2 into a complete process line solution Click Here.

ANDA iCoat-2 Selective Conformal Coating System

    Standard Features

  • General machine comes with 2 nozzles (DJ-01 and SA-W5)
  • PC with LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse (Height Adjustable)
  • Auto dipping and purging waste collection system
  • LED UV lamps for inspection
  • PCB clamping system
  • 10L material tank
  • UPS and voltage stabilizer
  • ESD grounding Point
  • CE Certified

    Optional Features

  • Heavy duty conveyor
  • Dual Lane conveyor system
  • 2 stage conveyor
  • CCD vision camera
  • 2 nozzles simultaneous coating
  • Material level detection
  • Pallet return conveyor (Underneath)
  • Barcode, QR or 2D code scanning system
  • Material tank : 5L

iCoat 2 Machine Specifications

Power & Factory
Machine Structure
Aluminum Frame/Steel Panel
Dimension LxWxH (mm)
1000 x 1200 x 1600mm
Input Power
220-240VAC Single Phase, 50/60Hz (3 wire);
208VAC Split Phase, 60Hz (4 wire);
208VAC Three Phase, WYE, 60Hz (5 wire);
Power Consumption
Exhaust Flow Rate Requirements
Compress Air Requirements
0.6MPa (100L/min) or 90psi (3.5CFM)
Conveyor Type
Single Stage/Pin Chain
Board Clearance
Top/Bottom = 100mm
Conveyor Height
900 +/- 20mm
Max Speed
Left to Right (Right to Left option)
PCB Edge Clearance
5mm (Pallet) / 3mm (PCB)
No. of Conveyors
Single (Dual Conveyor Option)
PCB Width
50 ~ 460mm
Width Adjustment
Comm. Port
Standard SMEMA
Motor Drive
Servo motor + ball screw
Number of Axis
3 axis = X,Y, Z (Optional 35˚ tilt with 360˚ rotation)
Linear Motion
Ball Screw + Linear Guide
Positioning Accuracy
40μm (0.04mm)
Repeatability Accuracy
40μm (0.04mm)
Max Speed
Number of Nozzles/Valves
2 Nozzle
Nozzle Types
Micro Spray , Cone, Fan, Film Coater, Needle
Coverage Area
450 x 450mm
Component Clearance
Smallest Dispense Diameter
Smallest Spray Diameter
Fan Shape Spray Width
15 ~ 30mm

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