High Speed Automated Dispensing for Epoxy

High Speed Automated Dispensing for Epoxy
By: Eric Sari

The Automated Dispensing Process

Robotics for automated fluid dispensing have the ability to apply a variety of materials including epoxy, silicone, and acrylic coatings. These materials are extensively used in today’s high-speed fluid dispensers for the electronics industry.

Whether a dispenser is applying epoxy or another material, the central concept for applying any form of material remains the same. Specific points of an item being dispensed onto are programmed into the dispensing system. The automated fluid dispensers software interprets the programmed information and keeps the travel path in memory. A robotic arm moves fluid dispensing nozzles along this travel path and applies epoxy onto the surface of the item with precise accuracy. Machine speed can be adjusted to emit varying amounts of epoxy. The overall application process is auto-regulating and will not be disrupted.

The accurate dispensing technology of the machine, makes certain that the correct amount of epoxy is dispensed. Automated dispensing guarantees consistent high-quality results. Operation costs are reduced, and productivity is substantially increased by comparison to manual operations.

Advantages of Applying Epoxy with Automated Dispensing

Manually applying epoxy to a substrate is not only labor intensive but also dangerous for laborers physical health. Manual applications generally require hours of repetitive and potentially damaging muscle movements by workers to complete a process. Manual application is inconsistent and the amount of material dispensed is non-precise. On the other hand, a machine can easily handle the same movement all day and everyday without fatigue or tiring. With regular maintenance, an automated dispenser can last upwards to 30 years in a factory. Let the machines do the work, they’re specifically engineered to handle repetitive motions so there is no need to employ workers in potentially damaging physical environments.

Speed, accuracy, and consistency are all contributing reasons for choosing automated dispensing for your individual business applications. It is no secret that automation reduces manpower costs and minimizes material wastage. This ultimately means the creation of more reliable products that are free from common defects caused by manual application.

Automated dispensing of epoxy is both an efficient and cost-effective method of dispensing epoxy adhesive onto a substrate. High-speed precision and minimal dripping are top contributing factors for a more efficient dispensing process. Automated dispensing of epoxy will equip any viable business in the electronics industry with the necessary tools to compete in today’s marketplace.

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