Plasma Treatment, Cleaning and Surface Preparation

Atmospheric Plasma Treat using Wide Area, Rotation or Spear Nozzles

Atmospheric plasma treatment is a unique technology for surface treatment in electronic assembly: Nano-Cleaning, Removal of Organic Contaminants, Surface Activation/Modification, Surface Ablation and Etching, Hydrophiling, Passivation, Hydrophobing, Biocompatibility, and Plasma Coating of almost all materials – composites, plastics, metals, glass, cardboard, textiles, etc. With ANDA plasma technology, plasma surface treatment can be inserted inline with fluid dispensing or selective conformal coating. ANDA also offers vacuum plasma for thin film chemical deposition coating.

Since Plasma is produced under a high voltage (15 ~ 20KV) discharge environment an ordinary plasma nozzle exhibits blow out or arcing at the tip which may contact the electronic assembly resulting in damage to sensitive components. ANDA Plasma treatment nozzles offer a “current absorption loop” to eliminate the high voltage arc at the discharge cavity and safely treat sensitive electronics.

ANDA Autmosperic Plasma Treatment System

    Standard Features

  • Wide Area, Rotation or Spear Nozzle
  • Touch screen computer control
  • PCB clamping system
  • UPS and voltage stabilizer
  • ESD grounding Point
  • CE Certified

    Optional Features

  • Heavy duty conveyor
  • Dual Lane conveyor system
  • 2 stage conveyor
  • CCD vision camera
  • Pallet return conveyor (Underneath)
  • Barcode or 2D code scanning system

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