Fluid Dispensing
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AD-16 Series

Inline High Speed Precision Dispensing System


The Anda AD-16 Series is an automated high speed precision fluid dispensing system with a repeatability accuracy of 0.01mm (10 µm). It can dispense up to 15,000 dots per minute with dot size less than 1 nanoliter (minimum dispensing dot size: 0.5mm (0.02″)). The system is equipped with linear motors and can travel up to 1200 mm/s along the X&Y axes. It is integrated with a rigid cast frame which provides near static stability during operation. 


SMT underfill • encapsulation • LTS • thermal interface material (TIM) • Flux • semiconductor package • wafer bond • LENS dispensing • FPC package • SMT red glue dispensing • solder past dispensing • LED package • fingerprint identification module • potting • dam & fill • gasketing

Standard Features

  • IPC and Windows OS control
  • CCD visual positioning system
  • Linear motor and servo driver
  • Inline CCD visual programming or gerber upload
  • UPS and voltage stabilizer
  • ESD grounding point
  • CE certified

Optional Features

  • Heated valves for viscosity control
  • 35 degree tilt and 360 (±180) degree rotation
  • PCB heater enhances material flow for underfill applications
  • Precision weight measurement ensures accurate volumetric dispensing
  • Laser height detection to calibrate Z axis automatically for component deformation
  • Multiple valves available: Pneumatic Jet Valve, Slide Valve and Screw Valve
  • Dual valves configuration for tuning with different glues and applications independently

AD-16 Series Fluid Dispensing System

Board Handling
Standard Work Area
(Single Valve)
X 400 x Y 500 x Z 30 mm
(X 15.75"xY 19.68"x Z 1.18")
Optional Work Area
(Dual Valves)
X 340 x Y 500 x Z 30 mm
(X 13.39"xY 19.68" X Z 1.18")
Maximum Components Height± 30 mm(± 1.18") from PCB
PCB Edge Clearance ≥3 mm ( ≥0.12")
PCB Clearance Topside30mm (1.18")
Max. Conveyor Width400 mm (15.75")
Min. Conveyor Width60 mm (2.36")
Fluid Volume30cc
Fluid Level SensorAutomatic monitor
Smart Auto Nozzle CleanerNon-contact vacuum nozzle cleaning
Transmission System
Conveyor Quantity1 pair
Conveyor TypeThermostable ESD belt
Process FlowL to R (Standard), R to L (Optional)
Conveyor Height950 ± 20 mm (37.40" ± 0.79")
Conveyor Width AdjustmentAutomatic (motorized)
Conveyor Speed (XY)2-13 m/min
Width Adjustment Speed250mm/min
Max. Loading4 kg/m (even distribution)
Vision System
Resolution1296 x 966 px
Pixel Size3.75 x 3.75 μm
Light SourceLED coaxial light source and ring light source
XYZ Axis Configuration
No . of ValvesSingle valve, Dual valves (option)
MotorX & Y axes linear module,
Z axis stepper motor with ball screw actuator
Maximum Speed1200mm/s
Accuracy0.025 mm (0.001 ")
Repeatability± 0.01m m (± 0.0004")
Standard FootprintL 900XW 1300x H 1675 mm
(L 35.43" xW 51.18"xH 65.94")
Motor PowerDC 24V 69Wx2
Air Requirement0.6Mpa
Extraction ≥6.5 kg
Input PowerAC 220 V 50/ 60 Hz 10 A
Rated Power2KW
ControllerIPC and motion control card
SoftwareAnda UI & Windows OS
ProgrammingOn-line vision programming
Communications ProtocolSMEMA & IPC-CFX