Fume Extraction System

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iPure-1 Industrial VOC Fume Extractor Air Filtration System

Conformal Coating • Adhesive Gluing  • Potting/Encapsulation • Soldering • Laser Engraving Fumes

iPure-1 Fume Extraction System

The Anda iPure fume extractor air filtration system is designed for high capacity adsorption of harmful chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted during conformal coating, adhesive gluing, potting/encapsulation, soldering, laser engraving processes, etc.

iPure is fully programmable with automatic air flow sensing which self adjusts to ensure continuous air filtration (typical operation 400 cfm) with a max operating capacity of 750 cfm. The systems inflow and outflow air sensors ensure optimal fume extraction and air filtration quality. The touch screen HMI delivers real time sensor values to operators and easy access to system fan controls.

The iPure’s advanced triple layer filtration assures circulating air is stripped of solvent and chemical particulates removing 99.9% of VOCs. The standard system utilizes a combination of MERV filters and activated carbon media for VOC adsorption. The carbon media load by weight of the iPure system is 20kg (44 lbs) nearly twice the capacity of fume extractors currently utilized by electronics manufacturers. This allows longer periods of protective fume extraction with fewer filter changes. The iPure system is budget friendly and its operating costs only a fraction of what other fume extractors on the market today offer.

iPure Fume Extractor Features/Benefits

Standard Features:

  • Lowest Capital and Running Costs
  • Triple Layer Filtration
    1. Pre-filter (5 μm Particulate Removal)
    2. Final Particle filter (3 μm Particulate Removal)
    3. Activated Carbon (VOCs & Odor Removal)
  • 2 HP Motor & 9” Fan Blower Wheel with Max Capacity of 750 cfm
  • Constant Extraction Rate Control with Flow Sensing and Automatic System Adjustment
  • Inflow/Outflow Mass Flow Rate, Particulate Matter (PM) & VOC Sensors
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Filter Blockage Detection
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Adjustable Airflow Rate
  • Touch Screen HMI Display
  • Robust Steel Cabinet Frame
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Swivel Castor Wheels w/ Locks

Optional Features:

  • Chemical Filter with KMnO₄ (Potassium Permanganate)
  • HEPA Filter for Clean Room Applications

iPure-1 Fume Extractor

Footprint L 722 x W 722 x H 1520 mm (L 28.44" x W 28.44" x H 59.85")
Max Flow Rate 1274 CMM/750 CFM@ Zero Static Pressure
Weight 200 kg  (411 lb)
Input Power 2.1 kW
Inlet and Outlet diameter 150mm (6.0 in) standard
Pre-Filter Polyester (filters up to 5 μm)
Final Particle Filter Polyester (filters up to 3 μm)
Active Carbon Filter 20kg Activated Carbon Media
L 613 x W 516 x H 265 mm
(L 24" x W 20" x H 10.5")
Motor 2hp, 3-phase, 3600rpm
Blower 10 5/8" Wheel Diameter
Controller PLC & 7”LCD touch screen
Communication Integrated Sensors