PCB Handling Conveyors

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ADJ-460 Inline PCB Buffer Conveyor


The ADJ-460 is an inline PCB buffer conveyor for high capacity electronics manufacturing. This buffering or linking conveyor is equipped with a robust pin chain style conveyor, the pin chain conveyor holds up to solvents and chemicals used in conformal coating, and easily transports heavy pallets or complex PCB’s. The ADJ-460 is ideal for a wide range of PCB handling applications and can optimize Work-In-Progress (WIP) material flow during assembly, coating, dispensing and other processes.

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Features of ADJ-460 Automatic Linking & Buffering Conveyor

Standard Features:

  • Manual conveyor width adjustment
  • Extruded aluminum conveyor rail
  • Chain transfer
  • Viable speed control
  • Board handling import/output sensor
  • SMEMA communication port
  • CE certified

Optional Features:

ADJ-460 Automatic Link Conveyor

Transmission System
Conveyor Type Pin Chain
Component Height Clearance ± 1 oo mm (± 3.93")
Board/ Pallet Width 50-460 mm (1.96" -18.11")
Process Flow L to R (Standard), R to L (Optional)
Conveyor Height 900 ± 20 mm (35.43" ± 0.79")
Conveyor Speed (XY) 0.5-5 m/min
Conveyor Width Adjustment Manual
Motor Micro Precision Speed Control Motor
Standard Footprint L800 xW 875 x H 910 mm/ H 915 mm (L 31.49" X W 34.44" x H 35.82"/ H 36.02")
Power AC 220 V 50/60 Hz
Rated Power 0.1 kW
Controller Micro Control Unit (CU) & Button
Communication Protocol SMEMA & IPC-CFX