Curing Ovens for Conformal Coatings, Adhesive Glues, and Inks

Anda manufactures inline IR & UV curing ovens for accelerating and curing conformal coatings and adhesive glues applied to PCBA’s components

Curing Oven Products

Ultra Fast Ultraviolet UV Curing Oven

UV Curing Oven Series

The Anda UV Series are compact, inline full spectrum ultraviolet UV curing systems suitable for high intensity, rapid curing of UV curable coatings, adhesives, and inks.

iCure Infrared Curing Oven Series

The Anda iCure Series are compact, inline Infrared (IR) curing modules suitable for high volume, rapid curing of heat curable coatings, adhesives and inks.

Vertical Cabinet Curing Oven

Vertical Curing Oven (VCO) Series

The Anda vertical curing oven series works inline with production processes for automating curing of epoxy assemblies eliminating manual loading/unloading of batch curing ovens.