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Inline Compact Automated Vertical Curing Oven (VCO)

Vertical Curing Oven (VCO)

Vertical Curing Oven (VCO) Series

Underfill, Epoxy Resin Encapsulation, and Adhesives

The Anda vertical curing oven (VCO) uses recirculating hot air to accelerate printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) cure times for underfill, epoxy resin encapsulation, and adhesives. Our vertical curing oven works inline with production processes for eliminating manual loading/unloading of batch curing ovens. Unlike horizontal conveyor style ovens, the VCO Series accommodates larger quantities of boards utilizing a compact footprint. This makes vertical curing an ideal solution for processes where factory floor space is limited or in clean room environments.

The uninterrupted curing process of the VCO Series reduces manufacturing costs and improves both production and quality of assemblies. Unlike a batch oven, the doors on the VCO Series remain closed during production ensuring constant heat tracking throughout the curing process, this ensure coatings are precisely cured at controlled temperatures in order to maximize coating strength and provide better PCBA protection.

Standard Features

  • Uniform temperature & thermal runaway protection
  • 8 independent recirculating hot air (RHA) heating control zones
  • PID closed loop control
  • Ergonomic control interface
  • Modular design allows easy online maintenance & quick heat module replacement
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • Automatic door opening
  • Entrance/Exit doors reduce heat loss & power consumption
  • SMEMA communication protocol
  • CE certified

Optional Features

  • R to L process flow (Optional)

Vertical Curing Oven (VCO) Series

Curing System
Maximum Temperature150℃
Temperature Accuracy±5℃
Heating methodRecirculating Hot Air (RHA)
Number of Heat Zones8 RHA zones
Minimum Cycle Time>12s
Minimum Cure Time>192s
Transmission System
Product Spacing Pitch25.4 mm (1″)
Maximum Product Storage70 pieces
Process Flow L to R (Standard),
R to L (Optional)
Conveyor Height900 ± 20mm (35.43” ± 0.79”)
Product DimensionsL 100 x W 100 mm – L 500 x W 500 mm
(L 3.94” x W 3.94” – L 19.68” x W 19.68”)
PCB Rim Space10 mm (0.39”)
Top Conveyor Clearance80 mm (3.14”)
Bottom Conveyor Clearance50 mm (1.96”)
Conveyor Width AdjustMotorized
Input / Output DoorMotorized
Driving MethodMetal chain conveyor with gear motor
Conveyor Width AdjustmentAutomatic (motorized)
Standard FootprintL 2450 x W 1800 x H 2500 mm
(L 96.45″ x W 70.86″ x H 98.42″)
Weight2500 kg (1136 lb)
Exhaust Port150 mm (5.90″)
Power3 Phase 380 VAC (Standard), 208/480 VAC with transformer (Optional)
Rated Power35 kW
ControllerPLC and touch screen
Communication ProtocolsSMEMA & IPC-CFX