Plasma Surface Treatment

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AP-3 Series Plasma Surface Treatment Machine

Inline Selective Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Ultrafine Cleaning Machine


The AP-3 Series are advanced atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machines that are equipped with servo motors and high speed ball screw linear actuators for accuracy. The standard machine AP-3P is equipped with a single nozzle situated above the substrate to plasma treat, clean and activate surfaces from the top side only. The AP-3DP utilizes dual plasma nozzles top and bottom (single nozzle above and single nozzle below substrate) synchronized for simultaneous treatment or operate each nozzle independently for maximized productivity.

Plasma Treatment removes static electricity and  contaminants such as fine dust, oil, grease, microbial organisms, and both organic/inorganic compounds while also providing surface modification which facilitates adhesion of various coatings and/or adhesive materials. Additionally, plasma treatment promotes the flow of coatings for thin film coating without other mechanical or chemical treatments required.

Features & Benefits of Atmospheric Plasma Treatment

  • Inline Plasma Treatment: completely automated high production atmospheric plasma treatment processing 
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma: generate plasma solely using compressed air without the need for carrier gases
  • Multi-functional: system can be used as standalone or placed inline with upstream or downstream operation processes
  • Environmentally Friendly: zero chemicals are used and no harmful substances are produced
  • Cleaning: remove fine dust, oil, grease, organic, inorganic and microbial contaminants
  • Activation: Increase surface energy to promote wetting and adhesion

AP-3 Series Advanced Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Machines

Plasma Processing
Effective Work Area L 450 x W 450 (L = 17.72” W = 17.72”)
Clearance Height 3 - 15 mm (0.12" - 0.59")
RF Power 500 W/1000 W/ 300 - 620 W
RF Frequency 20 - 25 kHz
Nitrogen Generator Optional
Transmission System
Process Flow L to R (Standard); R to L (Optional)
Conveyor Type Chain
Conveyor Height 900 ± 20 mm (35.43” ± 0.79”)
Conveyor Speed (XY) 2 - 13 m/min
Conveyor Width Adjustment Manual
XYZ Axes Configuration
Motor Servo + Ball Screw Linear Actuator
Spray Nozzle (AP-3P) Single plasma nozzle above (AP-3DP) Dual plasma nozzles - single above and single below
Max. Movement Speed 800mm/s
Working Speed 50 -100m m /s( Typical)
Effective Operating Height 3-1 S mm (0.12" - 0.59")
Repeated Accuracy ± 0.2 mm(± 0.007")
Standard footprint L 900 x W 1300 x H 1627 mm (L 35.43” x W 51.18” x H 64.06”)
Weight AP-3P: 530 kg (1168 lb)
Air source 0.4 Mpa
Extraction 5 m3/min
Input power AC 220 V 50/ 60 Hz 1P
Controller PLC with touch screen control
Software Anda UI & Windows OS
Programming File transfer, On-line vision programming with keyboard/mouse
Communication Protocols SMEMA & IPC-CFX

Rotary Nozzle Options

Rotary Nozzle Plasma Surface Treatment

Spear-Tip Plasma Surface Treatment