Fluid Dispensing Machine

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iJet-7H Precision High Speed Fluid Dispensing System


iJet-7H Fluid Dispensing Machine

SMT underfill •  Pin encapsulation • Surface Mount • Stack package POP • SMT red glue dispensing •  dam & fill • FPC component reinforcement • Solder Paste • Solder Mask • Form in Place Gaskets

The iJet-7H is Anda’s flag ship high speed precision fluid dispensing system. This multi-functional dispensing machine delivers the highest operating speed with a combined repeated accuracy of ±0.01 mm (10 µm) for high volume applications.

The systems X&Y axes are equipped with linear motors and its Z axis a servo motor with ball screw actuator. The Anda User Interface software ensures fast dispensing speed and short cycle time. This machine is capable of dispensing adhesives and sealants.

Standard Features

  • IPC and Windows OS control
  • CCD visual positioning system
  • Servo motor with ball screw
  • Inline CCD visual programming or Gerber upload
  • UPS and voltage stabilizer
  • ESD grounding point
  • CE certified

Optional Features

  • Heated valves for viscosity control
  • Tetragonal tilt
  • PCB heater enhances material flow for underfill applications
  • Precision weight measurement ensures accurate volumetric dispensing
  • Laser height detection to calibrate Z axis automatically for component deformation
  • Multiple valves available: Pneumatic Jet Valve, Slide Valve and Screw Valve
  • Dual valves configuration for tuning with different glues and applications independently

iJet-7H Fluid Dispensing System Specifications

Board Handling
Standard Work Area
(Single Conveyor & Valve)
X 400 x Y 480 x Z 30 mm
(X 15.75" x Y 18.90" x Z 1.18")
Optional Work Area
(Dual Conveyors & Valves)
X 340 x Y 220 x Z 30 mm
(X 13.39"x Y 8.66" x  Z 1.18")
Maximum Components Height± 30 mm(± 1.18") from PCB
Acceleration1.2 g
PCB Edge Clearance ≥3 mm ( ≥0.12")
PCB Clearance Topside30 mm (1.18")
Max. Conveyor Width400 mm (15.75")
Min. Conveyor Width50 mm (1.97")
Fluid Volume30 cc
Fluid Level SensorAutomatic monitor
Smart Auto Nozzle CleanerNon-contact vacuum nozzle cleaning
Transmission System
Conveyor Quantity1 pair
Conveyor TypeThermostable ESD belt
Process FlowL to R (Standard), R to L (Optional)
Conveyor Height900 ± 20 mm (35.43" ± 0.79")
Conveyor Width AdjustmentAutomatic (motorized)
Conveyor Speed (XY)2-13 m/min
Width Adjustment Speed250 mm/min
Max. Loading4 kg/m (even distribution)
Vision System
Resolution1296 x 966 px
Pixel Size3.75 x 3.75 μm
Light SourceLED coaxial light source and ring light source
XYZ Axis Configuration
No . of ValvesSingle valve, Dual valves (option)
MotorX & Y axes linear module,
Z axis servo motor with ball screw actuator
Motor PowerDC 24V 69W x 2
Maximum Speed1200 mm/s
Repeatability Accuracy± 0.01 mm (± 0.0004") 10 µm
Standard FootprintL 790 x W 1600 x H 1600 mm
(L 31.10" x W 62.99" x H 62.99")
Weight700 kg (1540 lb)
Air Requirement0.6 Mpa
Extraction≥ 6.5 kg f/m³
Input PowerAC 220V 50/60Hz
Rated Power2.5 kW
ControllerIPC and motion control card
SoftwareAnda UI & Windows OS
ProgrammingOn-line vision programming
Communications ProtocolSMEMA & IPC-CFX

iJet-7H Fluid Dispensing Machine

Available Fluid Dispensing Machine Options

Dual Valve Dispensing

Two jetting or dispensing valves used simultaneously, doubles efficiency, and improves cycle time.

Dynamic Dual Valve Dispensing

Three-axes (XYZ) dynamic valve offset automatically makes adjustments for dispensing on the fly.

Laser Altimetry

High speed non-contact laser measurement detects irregularities of assembly surfaces and component heights and makes auto dispense corrections.

Substrate Heating

Contact or contactless heating improves material flow on substrates.

Dual Lane Conveyor

Simultaneously perform different processes using dual conveyors improving production efficiency.

Four-Direction Tilt

Precision four-direction tilt dispensing for underfill and dispensing at the base of tall components.

Volumetric Dispense Calibration

On-board material weight scale ensures dispense repeatability of the correct material weight.

Jet Fluid Dispensing FAQ

Jet fluid dispensing is a method of dispensing fluids in which a high-pressure stream of fluid is directed towards a target surface. This stream is created by a nozzle which is typically controlled by a computer to ensure precise and accurate fluid dispensing.

Jet fluid dispensing can be beneficial over other fluid dispensing methods as it can provide high precision and accuracy, it can be used for a wide range of fluids and viscosities, it can dispense very small droplets and it also can be automated.

Jet fluid dispensing systems utilize quality non-contact dispensing nozzles, control pressure and flow rates of the fluid material being dispensed and use precision gantry motion controls to improve the precision and accuracy of factory fluid material dispensing processes.

Jet fluid dispensing can be used for a wide range of fluids, including liquids, pastes, and gels. Some examples of fluids that can be dispensed using jet fluid dispensing include adhesives, inks, and lubricants.