Meter Mix Dispensing

MPS-230 Meter Mix Dispensing 2K (Two Part) Material Preparation Feeding System

Potting • Bonding • Encapsulation • Dam & Fill • Sealing • Molding • Form-in-Place Gasketing (FIPG) • Thermal Gap Filling • Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)


The ANDA MPS-230 is a two-component (2K) meter mix material preparation system for precision sealant and adhesive metering delivery. Our system provides simultaneous material preparation, temperature control, and feeding. Different parameters of each material can be controlled to deliver the desired mix ratio accuracy for components. Suitable for meter mix dispensing of self-leveling material, sealants, adhesives, silicones, polyurethane, epoxy resins, acrylics, elastomers, polysulfides, etc.

The ANDA MPS-230 can be paired with the iCoat-3P for automated three axes (X, Y, Z) dispense motion for inline automation processes or can be used offline for standalone batch applications.

Features of Two-Component Meter Mix Dispense Machine

Standard Features & Benefits:

  • PLC control with HMI
  • Material level monitoring
  • Pump pressure monitoring
  • Vacuum degassing
  • N2 inlet port
  • ESD grounding

Optional Features:

  • Auto-Cleaning (Mixer )
  • Tank/Hose heating control
  • Material auto refilling
  • Static/Dynamic mixing valve
  • Tank agitator

MPS-230 Two-Component Meter Mix Dispense Machine

Tank Capacity 20 L, 30 L
Flow Rate (A+B) Max . 1000 g/min .
Ratio 100:100 to 100:10
±2% ±2%
Material Viscosity < 50,000 cps
Degassing Vacuum
Standard Footprint L 1400 x W 700 x H 1600 mm (L 55.11" x W 27.56" x H 62.99")
Weight 400 kg (181 lb)
Air Requirement 0.6 ± 0. 05 MPa
Power AC 220 V 50/ 60 Hz
Power Rated 1.5 kW