Thin Film Conformal Coating

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iCoat-6 Thin Film Conformal Coating Machine
with Closed Loop Fluid Heating

Anda iCoat-6 Thin Film Conformal Coating Machine with Closed Loop Fluid Heating

iCoat-6 Series

Thin Film Conformal Coating Machine

ANDA’s iCoat-6 is a XYZ gantry system designed specifically for thin film coating applications. This specialized coating system produces exceptional edge definition results without the overspray associated with atomized spray valves. Automatic recirculating closed loop fluid heating provides stable fluid pressure and constant temperature control to always ensure set fluid viscosity for maintaining the coating process, even during machine suspension.

  • Automatic coating detection mounted over conveyor exit or x-axis for verifying coating results
  • Laser width measurement control system for monitoring and verifying thin film spray width coating parameters
  • 90-degree rotation of the thin film spray direction using the IC-100L thin film valve
  • Standard valve configuration: Dual valves fixed width

Standard Features

  • Running accuracy ± 0.02 mm (20 µm)
  • Gantry axes: X,Y,Z
  • Gantry: servo motors, ball screw drive
  • Steel structure smooth motion platform
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Hatch door with observation window
  • Adjustable height pivoting computer arm
  • Dual valve coating system
  • Closed loop material heating circulation
  • Thin film pump feeding system
  • Material filtration
  • Fluorescent inspection lighting (UV black light)
  • Auto dipping and purging waste collection
  • Programmable valve cleaning
  • Board presence sensors
  • Board clamping during coating
  • Unlimited coating program storage
  • USB communication ports
  • Light tower beacon

Optional Features

  •  90-degree rotation of the thin film spray direction using IC-100L thin film valve
  • Laser thin film width measurement control system
  • Valve heating
  • CCD camera for vision programming and fiducial recognition  w/ UV black light
  • Material tank AMSE certified: 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 gal
  • Material level detection (low fluid level scale) 
  • Low pressure fluid automatic adjustment system
  • Dispense needle calibration sensor
  • Inline material metering
  • Barcode, 2D, or QR code scanner
  • Non-contact laser height sensor
  • Heavy duty conveyor 10 kg (22 lbs) max weight
  • Dual lane conveyor
  • Multi-stage coating conveyor
  • Pre-queue board station
  • Return conveyor (underneath)
  • MES integration

iCoat-6 Thin Film Conformal Coating System Specifications

Motion System
GantryServo motors, ball screw drive
Gantry AxesX,Y,Z
X-Travel360 mm (Standard)
Y-Travel450 mm (Standard)
Z-Travel100 mm
XY Maximum Speed800 mm/sec
XY Acceleration0.8 g with smooth control
XYZ Repeatability± 0.02 mm (20 µm) (± 0.0007")
Board Handling
Work AreaX 360 × Y 450 × Z 100 mm
(X 14.17" × Y 17.71" × Z 3.93")
Maximum Components Height± 90 mm (± 3.54") from PCB
PCB Edge Clearance≥ 5 mm (≥ 0.19")
Minimum Conveyor Width50 mm (1.95")
Max Standard Conveyor Width450 mm (18.11")
Process Flow (bidirectional)L to R (Standard), R to L (Optional)
Chain Conveyor Weight Limit4 kg (9 lbs) [Standard], 10 kg (22 lbs) [Optional]
Conveyor Motor PowerDC 24 V 69 W × 2
Conveyor Speed (XY)2 – 13 m/min (6.5 – 43 ft/min)
Conveyor Height900 ± 20 mm
(35.43" ± 0.79")
Conveyor Width AdjustmentAutomatic (motorized)
Operation Configuration
Valve ConfigurationDual valves in a row (fixed width)
Dispense Valve Widths0.2 – 2 mm (0.0078" – 0.078")
Spray Valve Widths1.6 – 30 mm (0.06" – 1.2")
Maximum Speed800 mm/s
Repeatability± 0.02 mm (20 µm) (± 0.0007")
FootprintL 900 x W 1300 x H 1675 mm
(L 35.43" x W 51.18" x H 65.94")
Weight560 kg (1235 lbs)
Air supply (dry, unlubricated air)0.4 MPa (60 psi, 4 Bar)
Exhaust Requirement15 m³/min (500 CFM)
PowerAC 220 V 50/60 Hz
Rated Power2.4 kW
Standards ComplianceSMEMA, IPC-CFX, CE
ComputerPC + KMM
SoftwareAnda iCoat UI
OSWindows 10
ProgrammingFile transfer, Onboard keyboard/mouse

Valve Configuration